Charge your EV or hybrid vehicle

7kw unteatherd Zappi type 2 charger

We are now starting to get more and more guests coming to stay who have got electric (EV) or hybrid vehicles.

A consistent conversation theme with these folk is that they say that they love their electric car. BUT, they are always thinking about the next charging point and that in some ways distracts them from having the absolute travel flexibility that they had with their petrol/diesel car.

Well, we have listened and we have now installed a Zappi eco smart 7kW, 32A type 2 charger (unteathered), for the exclusive use of our guests. 

So when you arrive you can have the peace of mind that you can charge your EV or Hybrid vehicle overnight using our 7kw EV charger and can leave in the morning with a full charge. This means that you won’t have to go out to find an EV charging point – and then wait around whilst the car recharges.

We do not charge for the electricity, but we do have a standard single one off ‘booking rate’ of £30 for access to the EV charger for the duration of your stay. This provides you with convenience; flexibility and peace of mind, as well as saving you time so that you don’t have to go and find a charge point and then wait around for your car to charge.

You are given the option to add this extra facility for the duration of your stay during the normal booking process.

NB: Guests with EV cars are not allowed to use a ‘granny lead’ via one of our normal in-house plug sockets. This is a dangerous practice bearing in mind the continuous load on the circuit and could cause a fire or blow the main fuse.

Other charge points

ChargePlace Scotland

ChargePlace Scotland is owned and developed by the Scottish Government. Drivers can access charge points by using a ChargePlace Scotland access card or the ChargePlace Scotland smartphone app. Their initial cost is £20. There are a number of charge points in Ayr.

Find out more and locate charging points via the ChargePlace website

Other local EV charge points

The live zap map provides information on all live charge points (we can’t vouch for it’s accuracy or whether charge points are in-service)